Special Offers 2016

See the image below for information and prices on Oasis’s 2016 special Offers.

See Oasis Interior Landscaping’s Special offers for 2016. Get these offers before they expire!!!

Buxus balls are excellent for a clean looking environment or for something neat an simple. Oasis Interior Landscaping’s technicians will come out regularly to maintain and trim these plants.

By Live Plant displays, we mean any under this title – Live plants. Also see our live plant brochure here.

Fresh flower arrangements look inviting in a reception area or successfully brighten up an office, and without the hassle of having to choose what arrangement you want, we can do that all for you if you would like, and only for £29.50 per week!!

Our Fresh flower bud vases are ideal for restaurants for individual ones on each table. Make each customer feel welcomed at a low price of £36.00 per week for 20 displays!

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