Living Wall in Manchester

Maple Sunscreening

Offices, Greater Manchester


Case Study


Oasis have supplied and installed yet another green living wall at Maple Sunscreening Greater Manchester. Maple is a leading provider of façade solutions for the construction industry, sourcing from a global market whilst ensuring a personal service from a local office. For more information on Maple visit This living wall has created an exhilarating atmosphere for their staff and clients! Another happy customer to add to our list!!!

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The Air-purifying benefits of living walls!!

We currently live in a world where little is untouched by man. Pollution reaches the farthest corners of the planet. It is almost enough to make you want to run inside and hide! However, this may not be the best idea because according to modern scientific research, indoor environments may be as much as ten times more polluted than the outdoor environment. This is known as “Sick Building Syndrome”.

The average person spends over 90% of their time indoors. We are constantly being bombarded with indoor air pollution. This includes toxic fumes such as formaldehyde, VOCs, trichloroethylene, carbon monoxide, benzene, toluene, xylene, and countless others.

The good news is that all plants absorb and clean pollutants from the air. Certain tropical species are more efficient than others. At Oasis Interior Landscaping we have hundreds of different plants at our disposal. We always make sure that each of our green walls contains ample numbers of the plants which are best at improving air quality. A single potted plant removes a portion of these airborne toxins and with each additional plant this increases. A green living wall can contain over a thousand plants, all of which filter air and in addition create energy-rich oxygen. If you were to have this many plants in pots you would most likely fill your whole house!!