Living Walls, Green Walls, Artificial Green Walls

Living Walls: Create a stunning visual feature

Oasis Interior Landscaping have decades of experience in using greenery to rejuvenate and improve both internal and external working and public spaces. One of the key products we use in our work is living walls. They are also known as green walls or living vertical gardens.


Living walls have the potential to transform any vertical surface, and are especially powerful when used within workplaces, where they increase productivity and staff well-being. A living wall can be used in many applications. Nowadays they are used for building cladding, combating street canyon air pollution, internal air pollution and much more.

Artificial Green Walls

Oasis is also proud to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of artificial greenery, including artificial green walls and artificial vertical gardens. We understand that although living walls will have major benefits for all customers, some clients may not have the budget for living walls. Therefore we offer alternatives, such as artificial green walls and moss walls.

The Benefits of Plants and Living Walls

Over 90% of the average persons time is spent indoors. This is something many have us have grown accustomed to, and even accepted as the norm. However, there is no getting around the fact that indoor air pollution is a very real thing, with harmful chemicals such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds), formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide present in the air, amongst many others.

Here’s the good news: plants can help. NASA conducted a Clean Air Study, as part of its research into ways to clean air in space stations. They found that plants can remove these harmful chemicals from the air, essentially “filtering” the air around us continuously. Since then, multiple studies have shown the same thing, including a collaborative study on indoor plants between the Universities of Exeter, Groningen, and Queensland. In these studies, it was also noted that plants had a positive effect on productivity, happiness and well-being, making plants good for your business both physiologically and financially.

About Living Walls

For decades now, the presence of living walls in design has been steadily increasing. This is true both for exterior architecture and internal building design. They are one of the largest parts of biophilic design. They are now commonplace among progressive, future-led workplaces and buildings.

Oasis Living Walls; Fleet, Hampshire

Oasis Living Walls; Fleet, Hampshire

Green walls are the ultimate option when considering interior or exterior planting. They have all the benefits of normal potted plants, and also provide a massive visual impact, resulting in positive effects on the atmosphere and other benefits for the surrounding area such as economic well-being due to happiness, increase productivity, and less sick days. Using a green wall, it is possible to turn any vertical surface into a vertical garden.

Living walls have been advocated many times in the news, including in this great article from Total Landscape Care on enhancing urban sustainability. JLL Real Views also covered the topic well in a comprehensive article on vertical gardens.

Living Walls: Your Application

Here at Oasis we understand that every requirement is different. Each project we complete shows us something new about our customers needs. As a result of this, we have become experts in interpreting clients desires. We can assess your individual requirements and provide you with a bespoke living walls solution.

Living Walls; Maple Sunscreening

Living Walls; Maple Sunscreening

As shown in our green wall project for Maple Sunscreening in Manchester, we provide unique products for unique spaces. We are happy to work with you to take into consideration your design requirements and financial constraints. This ensures the result we achieve together is one we can both be proud of.

Living Walls: Maintenance

Oasis also provides an maintenance service for our living walls. This is highly recommended, as regular maintenance will keep your green wall healthy and clean. Our specialist maintenance technicians will visit your location monthly, or even more frequently if necessary. The technicians will make sure the living walls are fully hydrated. They will also ensure that the plants are healthy and do not have any diseases. Included in the maintenance fee will be free replacements for the plants, in the unlikely event any should die or become visually unappealing.

Living walls are exceptionally useful and appealing features. It is important however that the green walls are maintained correctly. Fortunately, Oasis is here to ensure that your vertical garden will remain in the same outstanding condition you received it in.

Maintenance of living walls can sometimes include working at height and in high-risk situations. Oasis is fully up to date on health and safety procedures. The safety of our employees and adherence to the law is paramount to us. We ensure on all our maintenance contracts that all procedures are kept to at all times, and all employees, bystanders are kept as safe as possible. You can review our health and safety and ISO accreditations here.

Ready to Start?

We will guide you through the process, providing all the support you need.

Analysis – we will work with you to review site locations, design requirements and any financial constraints. We understand every situation and customer is different, meaning a different product will be required.

Design and Quotation: If required Oasis can render an image of the proposed product in-situ. This will give you a realistic idea of how living walls can be expected to look in your location. We will provide a detailed quote, complete with an optional maintenance program.

Review and Conclusion: We will review the proposal with you, ensuring we do not proceed until you are happy with every detail. Then, subject to approval, we can go ahead and install your living wall.

Interested? Want to find out more? Then contact Oasis today. You can call us on 01270 750 574, or email We will give you all the information you need to know, and guide you through the process of purchasing your living walls.